Ordering Instructions

When Placing an order using Credit Card or Paypal you must make sure all the fields that have a red box around them are filled out. Even if you don't require a Purchase Order (PO) number you MUST enter something or else the order will not process. Simply put anything you would like in the PO Box and you should be good to go. Again if the PO section is left empty the order will not process.
If you are wishing to pay using Paypal you can click the bill "On Account" box towards the bottom of the page. From there simply put the email associated with your Paypal account in the "Notes" section at the top right of the Checkout Page. You will receive a paypal invoice to pay from.
For the delivery section you can choose 2 options. The default is the freight charges applied after order has been placed. Depending on order size we gather the best price between all the major carriers to insure you get the quickest and least expensive shipping costs. Or you may choose to pick up the items at our location here in Bloomington, MN.